Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stories Behind The Songs: First of Summer

Urbandub - First Of Summer from Marie Jamora on Vimeo.

As far as I could remember, First of Summer was the first Urbandub song that I heard. I was in high school and at the height of my gothic punk and rock 'n roll fantasies. I remember immediately loving the song. The way the opening basslines would resonate in my eardrums, followed by the heart-pounding grates of the guitars, and how the chorus seemingly crashes down on you fast and hard, taking you on a ride where you can't help but jump up and down and throw your head back and forth.

It was the type of song that got the blood and adrenaline pumping through my veins. And I loved every minute of it.

Also, to me, it was the type of song that made me feel like what then I thought a teen should feel: young, fearless and full of energy. Exactly like in the video, it conjured images of intensity, of riding cars with the top down, throwing your arms up and screaming your heart out, living life and and feeling infinite.

Although, like all fantasies, I was convinced that it was unlikely to happen in real life.

Little did I know that Life planned a little something for me.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My First 120mm

Aside from going to ZoukOut 2011, I had spent the previous weekend re-acquainting myself with my Diana F+ camera. As much as I hate to admit it, I was not able to use her much since that amazing birthday weekend with my boyfriend last October. Aside from work keeping me busy and exhausted, I had to cut back on my personal expenses in the past month and therefore, I had no extra cash to buy film, much less have them processed and printed.

Another reason is that the place where I got my first few rolls processed and developed was just your typical store on the corner, not really suited to maximize the potential and analog goodness of the photos. It was a bit discouraging, to be honest.

So it was such a delight when Lomography opened their first shop here in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. Aside from selling different types of lomo cameras and accessories, films and other related merchandise, they also offered processing services and occasional workshops.

And if that wasn't lucky enough, one of the first workshops that they offered here was a Diana F+ Beginner's Workshop. For a small fee, the people from LomographySG will teach lomo-newbies about the  Diana parts and accessories and the basics on how to handle it  (Diana F+ and her clones have the most extensive selection of lenses, add-ons and whatnot among all cameras under the Lomography brand). After the informal discussion, each person will be given a roll of 120mm to use for a quick lomowalk (those who don't have their own Diana cameras will be loaned one so they can participate).

Meerly, LomographySG's General Manager,
discussing  the different parts of Diana F+.
Check out the Diana F+ Gold she's holding!

ZoukOut 2011

For as long as anybody can remember (myself included),  I was not the partying type. Aside from the fact that my grandparents -- and not to mention, my mother -- slightly frowned upon the thought of  drinking (and perhaps also the recklessness and rebelliousness that comes along being a teen), they were also not comfortable at  the thought of me out in the streets at night, so you can say that I had missed my fair share of nights out with friends throughout high school and college. There are no worries though, as I never really did hold it against them.

Although, having lived here in Singapore away from my family for a little over five months, it won't be a surprise if I said that I had experienced a taste of the nightlife here a couple of times. I've been to a club with my roommate and her friend who was there for a couple of weeks once, and I've been to a house party with a small group of friends.

But perhaps the most memorable and fun party that I've ever been on so far was at last week's ZoukOut Dance Music Festival in Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

By just judging from the ads and the hype established around this event, it can be said that ZoukOut is a pretty big deal. Organized by Zouk Singapore, one of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in this side of Asia, ZoukOut is perharps THE biggest party to happen in Singapore annually.

But just like September's F1 Night Race, I would have probably dismissed ZoukOut and moved on with my life, if Lunnie had not won a couple of tickets thanks to RayBan's Never Hide contest.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lomography Gallery Store Singapore Grand Opening

Tonight, analog photography enthusiasts all over Singapore have a reason to celebrate: the popular Lomography brand has arrived and has just officially opened their flagship store on South Bridge Road!

When I first heard about this, I was beyond excited; as an absolute newbie in the lomography scene (my boyfriend gave me a Diana F+ Deluxe Set on my birthday last October)this presents the opportunity for me to talk and interact with people who really know the ins and outs of analog photography (because I certainly don't, seeing as out of the first few rolls of film I used, only a handful were exposed enough to be developed... but that's another story).

Since our workplace is located in Neil Road -- which is a hop, a skip and a pirouette away from South Bridge -- there was no need to rush getting there. I had dragged Lunnie along with me and since we arrived pretty early, we decided to go wander around Club Street and Ann Siang Hill a bit.