Saturday, December 17, 2011

My First 120mm

Aside from going to ZoukOut 2011, I had spent the previous weekend re-acquainting myself with my Diana F+ camera. As much as I hate to admit it, I was not able to use her much since that amazing birthday weekend with my boyfriend last October. Aside from work keeping me busy and exhausted, I had to cut back on my personal expenses in the past month and therefore, I had no extra cash to buy film, much less have them processed and printed.

Another reason is that the place where I got my first few rolls processed and developed was just your typical store on the corner, not really suited to maximize the potential and analog goodness of the photos. It was a bit discouraging, to be honest.

So it was such a delight when Lomography opened their first shop here in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. Aside from selling different types of lomo cameras and accessories, films and other related merchandise, they also offered processing services and occasional workshops.

And if that wasn't lucky enough, one of the first workshops that they offered here was a Diana F+ Beginner's Workshop. For a small fee, the people from LomographySG will teach lomo-newbies about the  Diana parts and accessories and the basics on how to handle it  (Diana F+ and her clones have the most extensive selection of lenses, add-ons and whatnot among all cameras under the Lomography brand). After the informal discussion, each person will be given a roll of 120mm to use for a quick lomowalk (those who don't have their own Diana cameras will be loaned one so they can participate).

Meerly, LomographySG's General Manager,
discussing  the different parts of Diana F+.
Check out the Diana F+ Gold she's holding!

I have been using my Diana F+ with the 35mm back ever since I got it so it was nice to be taught how to use it in its original 120mm mode. I had to borrow the extra spool and the other parts needed though! :P

Had to swap backs for a while.
Being taught how to load the 120mm film.
After loading our cameras, we went to the nearby area of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street for the photowalk. Since 120mm is obviously bigger in size than the 35mm and therefore, offers a less number of photos: either 16 or 12 shots per roll, taking photos didn't take that long.

For this activity, we were tasked to take photos under four categories: buildings and architecture, people and portraits, doing multiple-exposure shots and using the camera on its Pinhole setting. It was fun and at the same time challenging since we were isolated in one area.

A fellow lomo-newbie, Vivian.
She just bought her Diana F+ Mr. Pink a couple of days before.
Vivian and Meerly's boyfriend Randy. He's Filipino!
Meerly holding the Diana F+ Black Jack.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch the name of the girl in black.
She works in the Lomography shop though,
so I'll probably know it sooner or later.
After exhausting our film, we were taught on how to rewind and seal it so it won't get exposed and ruin the whole thing. Then we went back to the shop to fill out the forms to send out along with the film to the LomoLab in Taiwan (!) for processing. I had to fill out two forms since I also wanted to send out the roll I used in ZoukOut the night before.

We were told that the processing can take a few days, so while waiting for the photos to arrive via email (I opted not to avail the prints first), I went ahead and created my account in

True to their word, the processed photos arrived a few days after (last Thursday to be exact). And can I just say that I am quite proud of  myself? I completely loved how the photos turned out. Here are some of my favorites:

Achieved using the Pinhole setting.
Shutter was closed open for about 30secs.
(It's OPEN, not CLOSED. Thanks Lunnie for pointing this out. <3)
Three things I loved in this photo:
(1) They were nice enough to let me take a photo,
(2) The chick looking at the camera had a really rad hairstyle, and
(3) The Toy Poodles were just too adorable. 
Yay for multiple exposures!
I have a feeling that this is gonna be the start of a beautiful relationship.